Amazing Features

AVR-2 is not just a Phone, it's an Augmented Virtual Reality Phone.
Ultimate 3D Experience

Watch any of your Favourite 2D Video in HD 200 inch 3D Display.

Enjoy 3D Gaming Experience

Experience the thrill of Immersive 3D Gaming, Be in your Favourite Game!

Virtual Reality Apps

Get a variety of 3D VR Experiences through 3D VR Apps.

Feel 360° Videos & Photos

Keep your Memories Alive by our 360° Surround Shot VR Photos & Videos Experience.

Smart Features



3D Display

Make your Smartphone Screen come Alive! Watch your videos pop out of your Mobile Screen like they are floating in the air!

360° 3D Immersive Videos

Watch and Experience any of your Recorded Videos or Stored 2D Movies like never before on a 200" HD Side By Side immersive 3D Screen !


Immersive 3D Gaming

Don't just play a Game, Live the Game! Be the character, Feel the character, Experience the Thrill of Gaming Like never Before on a 200" HD 3D Immersive Screen!

3D Immersive Display

You've Seen 2D, You've Experienced 3D, Now get Ready to Immerse into VR 3D Display! Its not Just a Display, But a 3D World in Itself and You are a Part of that World!


3D Surround Photos

Capture 360° Photos through AR Phone & bring those Photos to life using our SMARTAR Gear. Navigate through your Photos like you are taking walk in your Photos.