Amazing Features

Sandy-1 Humanoid Robot
Autonomous 360° Navigation.
Android Support Display.
Android supported apps, youtube videos, music and many more features.
Face Recognisation, automatic message reading.
Portable Projector(optional)
Docking Kit.
Navigation with Obstacle Avoidance.
Smoke detection & alert.
5 MP Camera
Height:5 ft.
Sandy 1...

Amazing Features

Sandy is a Humanoid Robot with Android Supported System who has a autonomous navigation system.He is your personal Playmate & is able to do Home Surveillance with Alert Mechanism in it.Sandy has a inbuilt Android, CD player, USB Slot with a 100 inch projector providing Amazing display through it.

Face Detection

Sandy recognise your face, call with your name and greet you.You can teach him to remember new faces and personalise him.


5 MP Camera

A pair of 5 MP Sony sensor Camera is used for Face Detection & captures every detail of the most precious moments of your life.


Sandy act as Personal Computer, Smart Phone, Home Theatre & Music player.

Home Security

Sandy can do home survellence in your absence and alert you when detecting any unusual situation.

Obstacle Avoidance

Sandy can navigate and move around autonomously, avoiding collisions in the path.