Amazing Features

Nano Projector PC P1
Its not just a Projector, its a Nano Projector + Mini PC + Power Bank.
Has an In-built 2800 mAh Battery, so no need of external Power Supply .
In-built Stereo Speakers.
In-built Android OS with all exciting Android Apps. Supports Google Play Store, so download any Apps from Playstore.
In-built Wi-Fi, connect to Internet on the go!.
In-built Wi-Fi Display, connect your Smartphone, Tablet, Computer, Laptop or any device with Wi-Fi to our Nano Projector PC P1.
Convert your Smartphone Screen to a HD 100 inch Screen & Immerse into your Videos & Games.
In-built HDMI port, connect to any HDMI Device like your Set-top box, DVD Player, etc.
Carry your 100 inch HD Display Projector cum PC anywhere & everywhere in your Pocket.
Nano Projector PC P1 ...

Amazing Features

Carry your Android Nano Projector PC P1 anywhere and Enjoy Browing the internet, Checking your e-mails, Connecting with Friends on Social Media Sites or watching online or offline Videos on a HD 100" wide Screen. Also Wirelessly Connect With Tab, Laptop, Set-top box, XBox to watch, play your favourite Videos and Games on a wide Display.

Display at different distances


Smart HD Projection

Connect to SetTop box, DVD Player, XBOX and enjoy your favourite Movies in HD on 100 inch screen.

Portable Projector

Carry your projector wherever you go and enjoy the theatre experience at your desired location without any need of external power supply.

Inbuilt Wi-Fi & Miracast

Wirelessly connect to Smart devices & enjoy your HD videos on 100 inch screen.

Your Private Computer

Browse any online site, check email, watch YouTube videos on 100 inch HD screen.

Android Apps

Enjoy Unlimited Android Apps from Google Play Store.